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If you have had to put up with an unattractive smile for a while now and you have finally decided to get some dental work then you definitely want to get an Invisalign treatment, as an attractive smile can change everything. Invisalign treatment can give you that smile that you’ve always wanted without interfering with your day to day life. Invisalign aligners are comfortable and removable, and as they are made out of clear plastic, no-one will even know that you are wearing them. We also offer a service for teens, which is specifically designed for teenagers. Due to the fact that Invisalign braces are virtually invisible, even those teens that are self-conscious can smile with confidence through the Invisalign treatment process.

Your treatment with us at Kendal Dentist starts with a visit to one of our Invisalign certified dentists. They will see if you are suitable for the treatment and will then discuss what you are looking for. We will then produce a 3d treatment plan for you, so that you can see exactly what we are going to do and how your appearance will be improved. Once you’ve reviewed and agreed your treatment plan, our dentist will then have a series of aligners tailor-made for your teeth so that your new smile can begin.
The length of the treatment will vary depending on your teeth and the results that you are looking to achieve. Whether your smile needs minor improvements or more of a transformation, our dentists can help you get that smile that you have always wanted

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Are You Embarrassed By Your Smile?

Have you lost your confidence with your smile?
How do you think your smile affects the chances of success at work?
Would a better smile improve your job prospects?
Would you like a whiter, brighter smile?

Well a recent survey showed that people who had whiter, straighter teeth were 59% more likely to be attractive to the opposite sex and personal appearance was deemed highly for financial success, personal success and trustworthiness. Fill out the form below to receive your FREE GUIDE on Invisalign Invisible Braces in Kendal.

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