Teeth Whitening

Brilliant Teeth Whitening Results in Kendal – The Perfect Tooth Bleaching Treatments Available in Cumbria!

Teeth Whitening is a cosmetic dental process which is becoming very popular for a few reasons. On the surface of each tooth there are millions of microscopic pores and over time compounds from food, tea, coffee, tobacco and other things settle inside these pores and cause discoloration of the tooth enamel.


Tooth Bleaching


The teeth whitening service is very simple, the laser light activates the whitening gel which then breaks down into oxygen and water molecules. Then these molecules penetrate the tiny pores in the teeth and remove the stains by bleaching the teeth or ‘Tooth Bleaching’. As these stains are broken down into smaller and smaller pieces, they start to allow more natural light to pass through your teeth which in turn makes your teeth look bright white. Having a nice smile has been proved to make you more attractive, look a lot more successful, wealthier, younger and makes you feel more confident in yourself.

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Are You Embarrassed By Your Smile? Try Tooth Whitening

Have you lost your confidence with your smile?
How do you think your smile affects the chances of success at work?
Would a better smile improve your job prospects?
Would you like a whiter, brighter smile?

Well a recent survey showed that people who had whiter, straighter teeth were 59% more likely to be attracted to the opposite sex and personal appearance was deemed highly for financial success, personal success and trustworthiness.

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